September 2015

Since 10 pm all colleagues are back in Germany.

The Week in Egypt had a very tight schedule

Friday, 11th September 2015

Arrival of the first two members of the German delegation

Saturday, 12th September 2015

First dialogues with local patrners

Arrival of the remaining five members of the German delegation

Sunday, 13th September 2015

Meeting with the responible person for sanitary apprenticeship in the governorate to talk about the approach of the installation of the sanitary training area.

Monday, 14th September 2015

Visitation of the college for profession in Thot

Meeting with the chief representative for all technical schools in the governorate.

Meeting with the govenor for the final signation of the Treatment about elctrical appenticeship.

Tuesday, 15th September 2015

Some members of the delegation are using the loose day with 45 degees to visit some Egyptian cultural monuments.

In the evening common visit of a chummily project in New-Qurna.

Wednesday, 16th September 2015

Selection of the trainees for the new school year.

Visit at our chief trainers home with discussions in private atmosphere.

Thursday, 17th September 2015

Intermediate exams for the trainees after their first year in the project. We are very happy that all of them managed the exams successful and are allowed to start into their third year of appenticeship.

The parents of all trainees (new and old) visit the training area.

Joint signature of the apprenticeship treatments.

Friday, 18th September 2015

Departure of the pre-deligation

Discussion of several open topics with the local partners

Saturday, 19th September 2015

Departure of the rest of the delegation.