GRUSSI-Mitgliederversammlung am 25.11.2016

Liebe Kolleginnen, liebe Kollegen,

liebe Unterstützer unseres Ausbildungsprojektes in Luxor,

anbei erhaltet Ihr die Einladung zur GRUSSI-Mitgliederversammlung (Grupo Sindical de Solidaridad Internacional) am 25.11.2016 in Esslingen.

Neben dem aktuellen Stand des Luxor-Projektes und der Planungen für 2017 steht auch die turnusmäßige Wahl des Vorstands auf der Tagesordnung.

Wir freuen uns auf dein Kommen.

Sanitary apprenticeship is starting

Ministry grants the appoval

Now we got the approval from the ministry to start the sanitary apprenticeship in autum. According to this, our first 20 trainees are doing their final exams at the moment. In near future the new trainees - for electrical AND sanitary - have to be choosen. Because ther are many things to handle, we will travel to Luxor with a bigger delegation in July.


Journey to Egypt

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In the time form 16th to 23rd of July we will travel to Luxor to manage several things:

  • abate the intermediate exams for the trainees that will start their third year of apprenticeship
  • select the next 20 trainees for electrical apprenticeship
  • select the first 15 trainees for sanitary apprenticeship
  • celebrate the completion of apprenticeship with the first 20 trainees

Journy in February

In Ferbuary Jürgen Groß und Gesy v. Leesen spend one Week in Luxor. Their intention was to find jobs for the first graduates, but it seem this would not be necessary for the nearest future. After the final exams the boys have to work in the army for two years. Conformable they told us that it would be an easy job. After the basic training the rookies will work in the job they are trained for in civil life. They are sure the German certificate will help them a lot. Because half of Egypt belonges to the army there will be a lot of meaningful jobs for our trainees. We are glad that the boys will have several chances to use their knowledge.

According to this, our chief trainer told us that in the next school year new educational books for electro will be available - and Taie is in the comission that is responsible for the content. Perhaps this is the chance to bring more practical experiance to the curriculum for all over Egypt.

The four trainees we were worried about the year before, because they were visiting class unstrady are doing fine, as Taie and our man of confidence Ahmed told us. They are now visiting class canstant.

The construction of the LED factory on the school ground is going on after there was a large break. The sanitary project will be coordinated and organized by Taie. The responsible trainer will be Adel.

House call

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On our journy in february we had the chance to visit two of the students at home. Bischoi, a copt boy, has got big plans for the future. He thinks about studing electrical engineering or something like that if he finishes his appenticeshio fine. Mohamed and his father told us that the "other Students" are lerning little. That encourages us a lot. Both students and their whole families welcomed uns in their home and showed us their house. The were all very glad theit theis sons are in "the German project".

Bischoi and Mohamed belonge to thoose who Taie takes to his construction areas when he hast do da a job. We visited the groupe one afternoon when they were placing wires in an new, litte masque in Odaisat. It looks really good.

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Taie will visit us

Serveral time our first class trainer told us, that he wants to visit Germany another time to improve his knowledge. This now will be in June (thought everything works with his visa). From 1st to 30th of June he is in Esslingen. The Friedrich-Ebert profession school everything is checked, so that he could mostly study there. We are sure that Taie, the other trainers and the student in Luxor will benefit from this journey.

Of course wir will do an open member assembly in June, where Taie could report about the project.



Taie will visit Germany

In June Taie, the responsible teacher of our project in Luxor will visit uns in Germany. Although he has got a mal leg he absolutely wants to take the chance to visit us. During his visit he wants to improve his knowledge to be able to push up the knowledge of the egyptian student to German standards. 

Taie has a very tight scheule, but he is looking forward to meet his German Collegues an the supporters of the project. For this reason we decided to make a general meeting for GRUSSI e.V. on 23th June 2016 at 18 o'clock in the home of the union in Esslingen. Here every interessted person has the chance to meet Taie in personal an to get an update about the project.